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When you order from a supplier, what problems will you face?

False cerifications, illegimiatie companies, products that fail to meet standards (reword this as you like)

How about when products that you urgently need that come days late, or even come damaged?

This is the unfortunate reality of many PPE and Pharmacy Product suppliers today.

However, at Lion Healthcare Solutions, everything we supply is 100% certified by (insert certification)

When you place an order, it will be out the door in at most two days.

It will arrive in your mailbox in pristine condition, and every (insert certification name) certified product will adhere to every standard by (name a respect medical organization)

...all of this whithout breaking the bank.

So place an order today, and lets us meet all your PPE needs.

Because our mission at Lion Healthcare Solutions is to make all PPE and over the counter Pharmacy products easily and cheaply accessible. Delivered fast!

What sets us apart:

- Competitive pricing (insert a specifc way that your prices are better)

- High quality certified products (insert some names of certifications)

- On-time delivery (Everything you order will be out the door in two days or less)

- Consistent supply

3-Ply Non-Medical Mask (50 pcs/box) Case of 3-Ply Non-Medical Mask (50 pcs/box) - 40 boxes/case Black 3-Ply Masks (Box of 50) Black ASTM Level 1 3-Ply Masks (50 pcs/box) - case of 40 Kids ASTM Level 1 3-Ply masks (no designs) - 50 pcs/box

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