Are we forever stuck with masks?

Are we forever stuck with masks?

You may be wondering whether the face mask is a temporary response to the COVID-19 pandemic or a permanent addition to our daily outfit. While it's true that the face mask (or respirator, as they call it) is currently considered a protective measure against airborne viruses such as COVID-19, it has long been used during natural disasters, both prolonged and abrupt.

For instance, respirators have been regularly used in heavily polluted cities such as Ghuangzhou as well as in the Philippines after the eruption of mega-volcano Mt Pinatubo when the ash became a hazard in 1991. These are two of many examples where face masks have been used by non-medical personnel. 

Furthermore, according to recent studies, the rate of exposure to zoonotic viruses (viruses transmissible from animals to humans) is likely to increase as a result of climate change as well as habitat loss. With a smaller habitat, more contact is expected between wild endangered animals and humans; and on top of that, the melting permafrost in the Arctic has already shown the possibility of outbreaks of ancient "zombie viruses" from unearthed prehistoric animals. 

So in a nutshell, at this rate of human-caused pollution, climate change and habitat destruction, one can only expect to use respirators more regularly as we progress into a future with nearly irreversible damage to our planet and consequently, our lungs. Therefore, the answer to this question obviously lies in our ability to identify the problem at source and our willingness to fix it.

On a higher note, while we should all strive for a healthier planet, our job at Lion Healthcare Solutions Inc. is to ensure everyone has an adequate and affordable supply of Personal Protective Equipment to keep our families safe. 

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