KN95 Masks: Are they legit?

Aside from looking like an extinct bird's beak, the KN95 is quickly gaining popularity among daily consumers in response to the mandatory restrictions of wearing face coverings indoors in North America. In fact, it is one of the only FDA approved Chinese production masks that meet the criteria for filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles greater than 0.3 µm such as non-oil based pollutants and viruses such as COVID-19.
Issued from a country where air pollution and smog have been common day-to-day problems in crowded cities for at least a decade, the KN95 has been put to the test thoroughly. So much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved its use as a safety measure against COVID-19 for healthcare providers, patients and daily consumers. It is regulated by the Chinese Government under regulations GB2626-2006, GB19083-2010, and GB262-2019.
Finally, the KN95 is known for its comfortable and snug fit and can be used for extended periods of time as well as reused (as per the WHO). They are particularly skin-friendly, do not commonly cause rashes or skin irritations which is exceptional for masks that feature 5-layer protection.
In conclusion, for a lower cost than its western competitors, the KN95 is a great piece of protective equipment that is FDA approved, WHO praised and regulated by the Chinese government while being exceptionally comfortable for extended use. 
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