The difference between Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves

The difference between Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves

Disposable gloves find themselves at top of a health or food business' list of essentials for hygiene purposes as well as protection against harmful pathogens and viruses such as COVID-19. There are several types of disposable gloves of which Vinyl and Nitrile are the most commonly used in light of the current pandemic. With each serving different purposes, making the right choice of disposable gloves is crucial for your business depending on your operational needs. 


Vinyl Gloves:


Made from a petroleum-based film called PVC, these gloves have a weaker structure than Nitrile and are known to be less protective against chemical and biochemical exposure. However, they are often used because of the low manufacturing cost associated with their production. With that being said, they are not commonly chosen as an eco-friendly option when compared to other materials. Therefore, they are most suitable for non-hazardous and low-infection environments.


Nitrile Gloves:

These gloves have been introduced in the 90's as a more resilient alternative to latex gloves. While being tougher in nature, they are less flexible than latex and vinyl gloves but stand up to corrosive and potentially hazardous chemicals more effectively. They are therefore a more popular choice among medical practitioners.  


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